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Section 1: People

Our company culture in the "People" area is definitely as harmonious and productive as we know it should be and our people just love working for us.

As I look across our entire organization, we would enthusiastically hire every team member again.

Everyone in the company has a clear and well-defined role with agreed-upon responsibilities and KPIs to measure and monitor performance.

When hiring for a new position, we always use a chronological, in-depth and structured interview process to select candidates who have the right skills, experience, attitude and culture fit.

Our company's Core Purpose (why we exist) is clearly defined and well communicated and we have clearly-defined, written and continually reinforced Core Values.

Section 2: Strategy

The Executive Team take at least 2-5 days annually and 1-2 days quarterly to think strategically and plan strategically, to assess employee and customer feedback and market trends, and to produce both big picture and short term (90 day) written goals and plans.

Our company has a simple one page strategic plan that allows employees to articulate the company's long/medium and short term vision, goals and plans.

We have a clear written Brand Promise that is measurable. It is uncommon and meets the needs of our core customers.

Our company is clear on its core customer and products, the market it will dominate and how it will deliver it with excellence, in a way that stands out from the crowd.

We are clear on our secret sauce that will make us between 3 and 10 times more profitable than our competition.

Section 3: Execution

The company regularly hits ambitious growth targets and our leadership team have sufficient time to proactively work towards the company's longer term goals, without being held back by too much daily interruption.

We understand and record the Critical Numbers and Key Performance Indicators that will accurately measure our progress with our plans and goals. We have very specific key performance indicators (KPIs) for every employee, and they are regularly coached to track their progress and ensure alignment with our established priorities.

All employees have 90 Day written Goals and Plans which are closely aligned to the Company's Annual Goals and Plan. They consistently take time away from our daily operations to objectively review how they are doing and check they are on track.

I feel in full control because our company has a concrete execution process that assigns accountability and deadlines to action items; the status of each action item is visble with traffic lights to indicate status and is reviewed regularly.

We have an established and "enjoyable and productive" regular rhythm of meetings. Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings synchronize our team, flush out any miscommunications, and maintain activity to be in alignment with our company's priorities.

Section 4: Cash

I am not at all fearful or worried about reviewing our financial statements and we have adequate cash (or access to cash) to support our growth plans.

I feel in control of the company finances: we have thorough financial statements prepared on a monthly basis, in a timely manner, and they are very accurate.

We consistently prepare Cash Flow and Profit and Loss Forecasts for the next 12 months which are reviewed regularly with our financial team so we can understand and correct any differences.

We have a clear and visible dashboard containing all the Critical Numbers and KPIs for all areas of the business, and review it daily/weekly. This allows us to understand and correct any differences.

We have a very clear understanding of how to manage our cash, we are efficient at controlling purchases and expenditure and have a robust credit control process through which we minimise cash gap.